Doing Away with Labels and Restrictions


Posted on August 26, 2015 by Billie Jean King

Nearly 42 years ago this year, I accepted a challenge to play in a tennis match known as “The Battle of the Sexes.” Ultimately I won the match, but many people may not remember that I was behind for the first set and things weren’t looking very good for me. However, I was determined to win given the importance of the match: to bring attention to equality.

Being under so much pressure was a privilege, which I fully embraced. I took the opportunity to challenge myself, learn from my opponent’s playing style and apply problem-solving skills to win the match. These actions were essential on court then and they still apply in my everyday life.

No matter what your age, we have control over the time we have, so I encourage you to do away with labels and restrictions like “old” or “feeble.” Take advantage of what life has to offer and challenge yourself. Find new ways to learn and look for opportunities to solve problems.

Don’t let labels or restrictions hold you back from achieving your goals and enjoying your life.

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