Journaling with Mom: A Mother’s Day Gift


Posted on May 5, 2015 by Taylor Rhea

A mother-daughter duo recently embarked on a journey of storytelling together. The two teamed up to complete Atria Senior Living’s guided journal Field Notes from an Adventurous Life. In anticipation of Mother’s Day, we asked Atria Paradise resident Grace R. and her daughter Ginger to share their special experience.

 Q/A with Grace and Ginger:

Q: How long did it take you to complete the Journal together?

A: We started working on it as soon as she (Grace) got it – right before Christmas. So, it took some time because it brought up new questions as we went along. Doing the journal brought us closer together. The journal was the friendly ground that opened communication between us. It has allowed doors of the past to open and has made me a better listener.

Q: Ginger, what did you enjoy most about journaling with your mom?

A: Learning about my mom’s everyday life as a young child. 

Q: Ginger, what new insights did you learn about your mother’s history, values or perspective on life?

A: At a young age, I was riding my bike to school and my mom rode a horse to school. She didn’t even have a bike, no TV, no bathroom – she had to work hard on the farm. I learned her favorite sayings like, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” And knowing she likes apples, that’s maybe how she has lived a healthy, long life. She also likes to say, “Don’t give up!” My mom worked very hard!

Q: Grace, what did you enjoy most about journaling with your daughter?

A: Remembering past events brings it all back to my mind. It also makes me wish I told my parents I loved them more.

Q: Grace, what was your favorite story that you shared in the Journal?

A: It’s on page 43. My brother gave me $125 to go to Omaha and get a job. I ended up working for Father Flanagan’s Boys Town in the mail department making $20 a month. The experience I got at Boys Town led me to a job at the telephone company making $40 a month. And that enabled me to transfer to the telephone company in San Francisco where my brothers were and make even more money and be with my family. That was really a life changing experience getting that money from my brother! It meant I didn’t have to milk cows anymore!

Q: Why do you each think it is important for families to journal together?

A: (Ginger) My mom didn’t know much about her grandmother so I am sharing this with my children. It is so important to leave a legacy for your children, and this book is so well written and well done. I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t get one on Amazon and do the same!

To purchase a copy of Field Notes from an Adventurous Life, visit and give Mom the perfect gift this Mother’s Day.

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