4-Year-Old Boy Calls Police To Tell Them About His Toys, Cop Comes To Visit Him


Growing up, some kids are extremely shy while others would talk to just about anyone. One four-year-old boy in New Zealand is always up to making friends, especially when he could tell them about his toys.

He was so excited about his toys that he innocently called the police just to tell them about his toys.

Photo: Pixabay/Nathan Legakis

The police shared the emergency call, which garnered the attention and won the heart’s of people all over the world.

“Police lady? Can I tell you something?” the little boy asked the operator. Expecting there to be an emergency, the operator was surprised when the boy said, “I’ve got some toys for you, come over and see them!”

Photo: Pixabay/Andy Graf

The boy’s father then came onto the phone and explained to the operator that the boy was with his sick mom and that there was no real emergency.

Despite there not being any emergency, Constable Kurt from Southern District Police soon arrived at the little boy’s house to see his toys.

Photo: YouTube/Daily Mail

The boy was so excited that a police officer actually came to his house to take him up on his offer. While the officer was there to make the boy smile, he also made sure to teach him that calling 111 is for emergencies only.

It’s safe to say that the little boy made a new friend!

Listen to the adorable phone call in the video below:

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