First DEA-registered hemp analytical testing lab in Texas

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ZOSI Analytical, LLC, a hemp analytical testing laboratory in Central Texas, has announced it has received its Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) registration to handle Schedule 1 substances. This is the first of its type issued in the State of Texas and was issued in support of Federal and State guidelines regarding oversight of third-party testing laboratories.

Interim rules issued by the USDA, Texas Department of Agriculture and the Texas Department of State Health Services require growers, manufacturers or resellers operating or selling hemp or hemp-derived products, such as CBD tinctures, lotions, supplements or food products, to have their products tested by a third-party testing laboratory prior to sale to confirm levels of THC are below 0.3%. The rules also required testing laboratories to be registered with the DEA.

We are thrilled to be growing with the Texas hemp community. Although the rules have not been finalized, we felt it was important to have this registration to protect ourselves and our customers. Our commitment to quality and integrity is a part of everything we do.”

Amy Lummus, ZOSI’s CEO

Growers, extractors, manufacturers and resellers use third-party testing laboratories to analyze several aspects of their products. Most commonly, customers want to confirm THC levels are within the legal limit and the cannabinoid profile is what they want or expect. Following testing, laboratories issue a Certificate of Analysis (COA) that is associated with the product being sold giving confidence to the next user.

ZOSI is currently accepting tincture and extract samples for potency analysis, and plans to have methods in place for flower/biomass samples at the end of July.

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