Review: “Not Just a Patch” for Your CGM Sensors


What do you want to get out of a protective patch for your continuous glucose monitor (CGM) sensor?

For me, it’s all about extending the life of the sensor for as long as possible by keeping the adhesive in place and offering extra protection from moisture. I’ve tried many different patches for various versions of my Dexcom CGM (most recently, the G6) throughout the years. One big issue I’ve always had was not being able to change the patch effectively, without having the Dexcom adhesive peel off. I felt, once that patch is on, I’m more than likely stuck with it, until I actually change my sensor.

Enter, Not Just a Patch, a product that allows one to easily change the patch without disrupting the original sensor and its adhesive.

I received samples to try out from the company at no cost. I did not receive any additional compensation for this review and all opinions are my own.

Who They Are

Not Just a Patch was founded by Pete Loman, who lives an active lifestyle with type 1 diabetes. After being disappointed with the patches he’s tried, Pete began experimenting with creating his own. Eventually, he developed a unique product that offers complete coverage of the sensor, with the option of a non-stick area in the center of the patch for easy patch changes without disturbing the sensor adhesive. Altogether, the new product affords additional protection from moisture and also minimizes the possibility of the sensor becoming knocked off. Furthermore, the sensor not actually sticking to the patch (but rather around it) helps minimize the sensor and its adhesive coming loose when changing the patch, allowing for potentially longer sensor sessions.

Pete explains on his website,

“One key design improvement is the “non-stick” section of the patch. Namely, the middle piece of the patch doesn’t stick to the actual sensor, thereby allowing you to change the patch as often as you like, to suit your activity or your fashion choices. Furthermore, this feature allows complete coverage of the device, meaning that your CGM sensor is always protected and, you can have more confidence while wearing it.”

The Products

Currently, the company offers several types of patches that are compatible with the Dexcom G4, G5, and G6, as well as for the Freestyle Libre, Medtronic Guardian, and the MiaoMiao 1 and 2.

The patches are available for purchase in a variety of bright colors, ranging from neutral/nude to bright green, yellow, orange, blue, pink, etc.

For all available patches, the user has the discretion of removing the central portion of the adhesive backing, which would prevent the sensor from sticking to the patch (see image below).

Photo credit: Not Just a Patch

The patches can be purchased on the company website in packs of twenty and come in at just under $1 per patch in price.

My Review

Like many people with type 1 diabetes who use a CGM, I have tried various patches before. The distinguishing feature of this one was the patch not being stuck to my sensor. That feature definitely worked well, and I was able to seamlessly change the patch without affecting my Dexcom G6 or its adhesive whatsoever. Being able to have the entire device covered, as well as changing the patch easily and as frequently as I wish, also gave additional protection against moisture. Overall, it improved the life of the sensor adhesive and sensor performance.

Currently, I am well into my second 10-day run with my sensor, after using the most recent sensor restart hack, and I am happy to say that not only is the sensor performing well, but I noticed while changing the patch that the original sensor adhesive looked almost brand new, despite an already long wear time.

Overall, I would say that while the product initially appears similar to what’s already available, and is comparable to others on the market as far as material, shape, color, and overall design goes, it definitely offer its unique advantages.


I liked this product. It performed well to protect my sensor from moisture and I really enjoyed being able to easily change the patch without dealing with it sticking to and peeling off the Dexcom adhesive. If you’re someone who has an active lifestyle and is hoping to get more life out of their sensors, I’d definitely recommend giving this product a try!


Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts? Please comment below; we love hearing from our readers.

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