Are We Safe At Home?

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But then I got thinking, are WE safe at home?


Yes, WE! Those of us with ADHD.

Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m not suggesting we should be allowed to roam around freely, ignoring isolation rules and just being all manner of foolish.

I’m simply asking the question, are we really and truly safe when left alone.

You remember?

When we were younger there came a time when it became apparent that it was not a good thing for us to be “left to our own devices,” as my mother would say.

I mean, I’ve walked away from some things that should have been attended to, there are a few cooking pots that have suffered from my inattentive nature.

And there are many more things that I got distracted from who’s resultant messes I’ve hidden away and dumped later when no one was looking.

I’m not saying …

It wasn’t so bad that when people saw me wandering off they would cringe or go looking for what disaster in the making I may have left in my wake, but people in my family knew enough to check up on me even if it was just casually.

And the number of times I’ve suddenly remembered something I had turned on and then realized that was some time ago and now I’m not in the same room as that thing and often not on the same floor.

I mean, there ought to be a radar gun on my stairs that automatically calls 911 when it detects movement exceeding 30 MPH either going up or down, ’cause it could only be me and it could only mean one thing .. I’ve left something turned on that shouldn’t be unattended.

Alright, alright

Listen, we’re adults. We’ve lived this long.

Yes we all have stories, and yes we don’t share all of them. Hell, I don’t even remember all of my horror tales.

But we have survived.

Days like these …

We’ve never had days like these before. Okay, maybe one or two, but this is an ongoing and enduring situation. And we get bored with things easily.

But we know who we are and we know what we have to deal with. We simply need to remember the times we’re living in and try to keep vigilant.

And when we lapse, lets remind ourselves that it’s going to happen, just like it always has.

We pick ourselves up like we always have, and we start again to look after ourselves as best we can.

We got this.

Are We Safe At Home?

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