Talking self-care and self-worth – join us!

Mental Health

Join us for the second webinar in the Happiful and Life Coach Directory series, as we tackle the subjects of self-care and self-worth

On Thursday 4 June at 11am, Kat Nicholls, host of Seedling podcast, self-worth coach and senior writer at Happiful will share thoughts on prioritising self-care, what that might look like for you and how to tune into what you really need, right now.

Chatting with Happiful’s podcast host Lucy Donoughue, Kat will also share the importance of working on our self-worth, the relationship between self-worth and self-care and placing our own worth at the centre of all that we do.

The webinar will end with a Q&A. Register here to join.

About Kat


Kat Nicholls

Kat is a writer, podcast host and coach. After struggling with her own mental health as a teen, she’s learnt the impact developing a self-care practice and building self-worth can have. Through her work she aims to help others take better care of themselves and understand their true value

Read Kat’s work for Happiful and check out her podcast Seedling.

Register here for our Self-Care and Self-Worth webinar

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