Amid The Pandemic, Health Agencies Start Offering Sex Tips For Health


With the coronavirus pandemic still ongoing in majority of the world, various health agencies from all over are taking different approaches when it comes to giving guidelines for people to follow – from work to play and to more intimate play.

Health Agencies Offer Sex Tips To People Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Make no mistake, because while an increasing number of nations and countries from all over are slowly coming back to life, COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing so precautionary measures should still be observed as we all try to navigate what is essentially the “new normal.”

With that in mind, governments and health agencies have started experimenting with the guidelines that they can give to people, especially when it comes to more intimate situations and scenarios like sex and dating. Of course, there has been some trial and error.

For example, Dutch officials in the Netherlands recently advised single people last week to find “sex buddies” because human touch is important, especially for those that have been locked down during the pandemic. However, the two parties should still be in agreement and still practice safety.

“Discuss together how to best do that. Follow the rules around the new coronavirus,” the guidelines said.

Furthermore, if a couple has been in separate households during the pandemic, sex at a distance is still possible, which can be done by telling erotic stories, among other stories.

“It makes sense that as a single you also want to have physical contact,” the agency’s current guidance reads, which has recently advised people to only have sex with steady partners.

In Denmark, the country’s health chief agreed on casual sexual encounters.

“Sex is good. Sex is healthy. We are sexual beings, and of course you can have sex in this situation,” Soren Brostrom, director general of the Danish Health Authority, said back in April.

In U.S. cities like New York and Los Angeles, however, officials suggested people to avoid sexual encounters and to just masturbate for the time being.

“You are your safest sex partner. The next safest partner is someone you live with,” the guidelines said.

Oregon, however, went a step further by even releasing a graphic poster that states what’s okay and what’s not, including instructions like using condoms, washing hands and selective kissing.

Sex and COVID-19 A new study suggests that semen may not expose people to COVID-19 as in most male patients the coronavirus did not reach the testes. Pixabay

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