Best Stress-Relieving Foods To Eat Amid The Pandemic


Food can dictate our stress levels, by either intensifying or decreasing distress with the nutrients that are part of the meal. Sometimes, our cravings get the better of us during stressful times and we binge-eat more than we should. In the long run, nutrient deficiencies can eventually impact emotions and mood. 

Unhealthy eating habits can thus turn dangerous over time. Even otherwise, the body might require certain nutrients to relieve stress such as magnesium and vitamin C according to a review published in 2016. A well balanced diet is therefore crucial to ensuring good health and fitness.  

Here are a few foods that you can eat to relieve some of your stress amidst the pandemic, especially with the easing of rules and the confusion surrounding what can be done. 


An imbalance in the gut microbiome may affect a person’s immunity. It is dictated by their eating habits, which eventually influence mood and feelings. According to studies, gut health has its impact on anxiety and depression. Consume probiotics, either in pill form or food such as kefir and kombucha. 


Fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines and tuna contain omega-3 fatty acid, a key nutrient to maintain heart health, decrease depression and anxiety. Try fish oil supplements if you do not like fish as they have omega-3 fatty acid as well. 


Avocado is either added to salads, or mashed into a spread that can be applied on your bread. It reduces stress and anxiety, and can improve concentration and mood. The fruit has also been associated with lowering metabolic syndrome, obesity and high blood pressure as per several studies. 

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate brings down stress with its rich antioxidant content because it lowers the production of stress hormones in the body. Chocolate also helps reduce the feeling of loneliness while you relish a slice to the fullest due to its delicious sour taste. 

Herbal Teas

Drinking a warm cup of tea gives off warmth and comfort, soothing stress and reducing stress levels. Herbal teas, made from herbs such as lavender, cinnamon and chamomile, provide this relaxing effect by producing a calming impact. 

Herbal chamomile tea with chamomile flowers on wooden table Lowering the risk of death from all causes may be in a single cup of chamomile tea. Photo courtesy ofShutterstock

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