Coronavirus Update: States Impose Strict Travel Restrictions In The U.S. Amid COVID-19


While the scientists are trying their best to develop a vaccine to control the effects of COVID-19, the number of active cases continues to rise, especially in Arizona post the expiry of the Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Connected order on May 15.

After Governor Doug Ducey withdrew the restrictions, the domestic travel restrictions and the quarantining rule were pulled down immediately for the states of Arizona. As a result, there has been a huge increase in the number of people testing positive for the virus. The number of hospitalizations and deaths from the virus have risen significantly, making many states to impose travel restrictions once again. They have decided to begin the quarantine rule for those arriving from Arizona to make sure their residents there are safe and secure.

With Alaska still being strict with its travel restrictions, the state has now provided travelers with three options. Every traveler has to fill out a form upon arrival and tick one of the three options. Firstly, whether the arrival has proof of negative COVID-19 tests done within 72 hours before reaching Alaska; secondly, travelers to take the test upon arrival and be quarantined until the results are available; and thirdly, quarantine for 14 days or for the number of days of the trip, whichever is less.

California has imposed no travel restrictions yet, but the local governments are working on the same individually. Hence, travelers are required to check the locality they plan to visit. Georgia seems to follow the same locality-wise restrictions like California. Florida too has not retained any travel limitations for Arizona arrivals, but it continues being strict on those arriving from the New York tri-state region. Arkansas has set rules for those arriving from hotspot locations, including Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, New Orleans, to be in quarantine for 14 days.

States like Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, etc. still do not have any restrictions planned for the travelers.

Amidst the desires of travelers of moving to different states for holidaying or other purposes, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continues to advise that the best way to control the COVID-19 pandemic is to stay home.

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