Detroit Priest Overcomes Social Distancing By Spraying Holy Water… With A Water Gun


A priest in Michigan has recently found the perfect solution to bless people while also observing the social distancing measures put in place due to COVID-19: by holding drive-thru blessings where he sprays people with holy water via a toy water gun. Let the memes come.

Priest Sprays People With Water Toy Gun In Order To Observe Social Distancing

As part of the safety measures against the coronavirus pandemic, people are asked to observe social distancing and avoid direct, physical contact with other people for the time being in order to keep themselves from getting infected with COVID-19.

That didn’t stop one priest from Michigan, however, who reportedly found a funny but effective way of delivering blessings while making sure he still practices social distancing. This is because Father Tim Pelc reportedly used the tradition of the Blessing of Easter Food Baskets at St. Ambrose Parish by using a toy water gun to spray people driving through with holy water.

Images of the priest wearing an N95 mask while underneath a plastic face shield and wearing disposable gloves as he sprayed people via a drive-thru recently surfaced on social media, delighting people and encouraging a lot of them to make memes about it. One placed the priest in a movie poster entitled “Pandemic,” while another showed him replacing the so-called Doom Slayer character in the “Doom” poster, where he’s depicted as spraying the demons with his holy water gun.

“Yes, that’s Fr. Tim using a squirt gun full of Holy Water!” the parish posted on Facebook alongside images taken by Larry Peplin, a photographer.

“They were about ready to have an Easter unlike any of their past, so I thought, what can we still do that would observe all the protocols of social distancing?” Father Tim said in an interview, adding that it was the outcome of having a “pretty wacky mind and pretty accepting congregation.”

“Not only is this safe, this is fun. He provided me with all the personal protection stuff that I needed,” Father Tim, who has worked at the church for 30 years at this point, said.

However, despite the memes, Father Tim also said that they are taking the lockdown very seriously.

water-gun-6089_1920 A priest in Michigan reportedly used a toy gun in order to spray people with Holy Water as they observe social distancing. Photo by Pixabay (CC0)

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