iMedicalApps: The MSD Manual Guide to Obstetrics


The latest and most comprehensive obstetrics-only app outside of UpToDate or DynaMed comes from the makers of the Merck Manual. Called the MSD Manual outside of the U.S., the MSD Manual Guide to Obstetrics is an abridged Merck Manual focused on obstetrics. The app has nearly 100 obstetrics topics written by an international staff of writers and appears to be free of bias. Each topic is formatted similarly and includes overviews, signs/symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, key points, and date of authorship.

It should still be viewed as a quick reference guide as the sections are not extensive. The app does contain many outstanding videos (especially for obstetrics emergencies), tables, figures, and references. All content is fully downloaded to the device as well.

Information in the app is a combination of expert opinion, references to ACOG position statements/practice bulletins, and treatment algorithms supported by evidence-based medicine, clinical practice guidelines, and standard of care medical practice. The app claims to be updated monthly, but for most topics, it appeared to be several months since their last update.


  • Covers nearly 100 topics with quality articles, videos, tables, etc
  • All content fully downloaded to device
  • Available for Android


  • App interface needs work: wasted space, small fonts, organizational puzzles
  • No information on COVID-19 and maternal care
  • Some sections without references or only a video for content (i.e., neonatal resuscitation)

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Last Updated June 05, 2020

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