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The CDC and WHO have published helpful information for the public and medical health providers for identification, diagnosis, and recommended treatment of coronavirus cases.

Previously, at iMedicalApps we highlighted the outstanding work of the healthcare and engineering teams at Johns Hopkins with their mapping tool and the Relief Central COVID-19 guidelines. We also highlighted the excellent COVID-19 Screening Tool app and website in conjunction with Apple, CDC, FEMA, and the White House. Now the WHO has come out with its own COVID-19 app called WHO Academy.

WHO Academy permits free access to all of the WHO’s COVID-19 resources in one place. The app is designed for healthcare workers and provides the most current guidance on all things COVID-19 and webinars and educational workshops.

The platform is divided primarily into 10 major content modules, like case management, infection prevention control/staff safety and health, epidemiology, laboratory, maintaining essential health services and systems, international health regulations, operational support and logistics, and regional information. Each of these primary content areas is full of additional information and resources from the WHO and numerous other organizations. The app is even available in six languages.


  • Ten content areas from case management to regional links
  • Section on learning events from WHO and current news sections
  • Available for Android and in six languages


  • Limited offerings in the learning events section
  • Most multimedia content requires internet access
  • Some subsections on “local” and “regional” content are lacking

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Last Updated May 22, 2020

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