KFC Places Real-Life Restaurant Inside A Video Game


Looks like world-famous fast food restaurant chain KFC has recently opened its newest branch inside a video game.

KFC Opens A Restaurant Branch Inside A Video Game

As the majority of the world opted to stay inside for months in order to help slow down the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak, a lot of people shifted to playing video games for comfort. One such game that really made a name is Nintendo’s very own “Animal Crossing: New Horizons.”

And now, world-famous fast food restaurant chain KFC has decided to join in on the fun by opening its very own digital restaurant inside the world of “Animal Crossing” itself.

The new location itself isn’t just a dining table with a few chairs alongside an anthropomorphic waiter wearing the KFC uniform either since it’s full-on KFC-branded, looking like the actual AC equivalent of a real-life branch that is complete with tables for digital guests to sit at, menu boards to choose your favorite dish and even the famous Colonel Sanders himself on the counter to take your orders. Heck, there’s even a backroom side where you can see the sink and equipment used to “cook” your orders.

And since this installment in the famous Nintendo franchise revolves around owning your own island and decorating it to your heart’s desire, the digital restaurant is located on its own island. As such, KFC is making the island open to public and invites guests from its Facebook page in the Philippines to come check out the restaurant for themselves. And here’s the kicker: Arrive at the island while Colonel Sanders is manning the counter, and you get a free of honest-to-goodness real life eight-piece chicken bucket.

However, since the promotion is being made via the restaurant’s Philippines page, then the promo might only apply there. Of course, you can still check out the virtual restaurant yourself.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

As the long-awaited and latest installment in Nintendo’s “Animal Crossing” franchise, “New Horizons”  puts you on an island getaway, which you can decorate by completing tasks like catching butterflies, digging for treasure, fishing or simply making friends, both with in-game characters and other players. The game is currently Nintendo’s best-selling title to date on the Switch.

KFC Chicken Nothing eight-legged about our chicken, says KFC. Photo Courtesy of Mejini Neskah / Shutterstock.com

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