Moving During Coronavirus Pandemic? Here Are Tips On How To Stay Safe


The lockdown has made residents of cities want to shift to smaller towns to buy larger space that does not confine and suffocate them. According to market research firm The Harris Poll, from 2,050 adults surveyed online from April 25 to 27, about 40 percent of urban citizens would consider moving to less populated cities.  

Also, 43 percent of city dwellers admitted to searching real estate websites recently. “Space now means something more than square feet. Already beset by high rents and clogged streets, the virus is now forcing urbanites to consider social distancing as a lifestyle,” Harris Poll CEO John Gerzema said.  

Whatever the reason might be, the prospect of moving could be taxing and difficult to handle amidst rising COVID-19 cases. Here are a few suggestions to make the process of packing all your belongings in boxes and leaving easier on you:

Be Kind To Yourself 

Moving is always tense and difficult, no matter what the country is grappling with. You can maintain a checklist of tasks to finish packing and set aside extra time to cross check the list. Be kind to yourself even when messes pile up and things turn chaotic. Keep your eyes on the goal and work towards keeping the plan in motion.

Author of The Art of Happy Moving, Ali Wenzke, said,”The gratitude that people feel for their new spaces is unlike anything I’ve seen before. Our connection to home is stronger than ever, and people are focusing on creating beautiful spaces for themselves amid the chaos.”

Hire Movers With Good Hygienic Practices

Find out in advance if the company you are hiring follows safety protocols to prevent contamination. Is it mandatory for them to wear masks and gloves? How often do they disinfect containers? Get all the answers before signing them on.

After finding the right movers, you can make it easy for them to navigate things by labelling packages and rooms. This also lets you have minimal contact with them. However, still remember to maintain social distance of six feet as much as possible. Plastic boxes, recyclable material and rental services could ease the burden of this process with lesser material. 

Discard Things You Don’t Need

It might be difficult to move a huge amount of furniture amidst the pandemic. Use websites that sell secondhand items in case yard sales are not operational for the time being. Don’t get attached and sentimental to items that won’t serve a purpose in your new home. Take all things functional and absolutely necessary. 

Clean Your New Home

Decontaminate your house completely, especially doorknobs, handles and switches, and all other surfaces which could potentially carry the virus. Give your floors, furniture and other items a thorough wash to remove all the dirt accumulated from packing and moving. 

Moving Day Moving is a herculean job. The pandemic makes this process even more taxing. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

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