Sony Finally Reveals The PS5, Trailers From Upcoming Games


After months of speculation, Sony finally revealed the Playstation 5 in full. Here’s what you need to know.

Sony Reveals PS5 In Full At Livestream Event

And just like that, the new console generation is in full swing.

After months of teasers and speculation, Sony finally fulfilled the company’s fans’ hunger by revealing the Playstation 5 (or PS5) in full. The fifth console in its leading Playstation line, the PS5 opts for a sleek, white finish this time, much like the PS1, a clear contrast from the three other consoles that all came out in black.

Tall and thin, the new console also bears a curvy design, accented with blue light and black accent colors on its sides. The new controller also features the same color scheme, sporting a white finish with some black trimmings and blue lights that accentuate it. As for the console, two versions have also been announced: one with the traditional CD slot and the other without, instead focusing on a purely digital game library.

But what’s a console announcement with the actual thing you’re going to buy it for, the games?

Thankfully, the PS5 will have a good roster. For example, previous console classic “Grand Theft Auto: V” will be given free to each early adopter of the console. Following the previous game’s success on the PS5’s predecessor, Sony’s “Spider-Man” will also be swinging alongside the PS5 as a launch title, although this time, the game will focus on Miles Morales, not Peter Parker. Additionally, Sony also announced a new “Gran Turismo” game as well as the sequel to “Horizon: Zero Dawn,” which is called “Horizon: Forbidden West.” The PS5 will also come with new IPs, such as a new “LittleBigPlanet” spin-off, “Astray,” “Ghostwire: Tokyo,” “Project Athia,” “Godfall,” and “Returnal,” among many others. The eighth installment in the “Resident Evil” franchise has also been announced.

“We wanted to do something that was bold and daring almost. We wanted something forward facing and future facing, something for the 2020s,” Sony Playstation CEO Jim Ryan said in an interview following the reveal.

However, there is still no price for the console, although Ryan did confirm that despite the pandemic, manufacturing remains on track.

All that’s left to do now is wait.

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