Take Virtual Photowalks With The Photo Modes Of These Top-Rated Video Games


Looking for a way to capture the great outdoors in photos while stuck in lockdown? These triple-A video games and their gorgeous photo modes have got you covered.

Take Virtual Photowalks With The Photo Modes Of These Gorgeous Video Games

For many photographers and enthusiasts, photowalking is a great activity to experience some nature while taking some beautiful photos here and there. After all, the great outdoors will never be a tiresome subject, given that there will always be a beautiful scenery that you can preserve in a photograph.

Unfortunately, that can be a bit hard to do these days, what with the COVID-19 lockdown. Thankfully, there are no shortages of video games these days that not only provide gorgeous landscapes to ogle at, but give you photo modes as well in case you want to play photographer. From bustling cityscapes, feudal Japan to even a dystopian America, here are video games with the best photo modes:

Ghost of Tsushima

Sure, it’s not released yet, but the PS4’s newest exclusive is proof that games that people really do care a lot about photo modes. Based on released footage, you can do the traditional color grading and even change the direction and speed of the wind. Heck, you can even change the patterns of the leaves and flowers floating all around you, resulting in the most stunning of shots.

God of War

“God of War” is one of Sony’s most fabulous looking games to date so it’s no surprise that an update came with a much-awaited photo mode. While the usual features of color grading and texture manipulating is there, the real entertainment comes from the fact that you can make the perennially-gruff Kratos… smile. Make him do it while you capture him swinging the Leviathan axe.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Saddle up, climb yourself a tall rocky cliff and turn on photo mode. Repeat as desired. Chock-full of spectacular sights filled with rich detail, Rockstar’s recreation of the wild, wild, west is as beautiful as it is excitingly dangerous. The game’s photo mode will let you capture all of it to preserve forever… or until your PS4 gets old and stops working.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Yes, we don’t understand that title too, but luckily, the in-game photo mode is easy enough to get. Of course, it doesn’t skimp on the options that you can play with either since you can change expressions, filters and even remove the character if you’d rather just take pictures of the scenery. And if you’re tired of the beautiful sceneries, well… you can always take countless photos of the robot dinosaurs instead.


What’s better than taking photos of New York City from the ground? Taking photos of New York City while swinging from its skyline, of course. Thankfully, playing as Peter Parker in “Spider-Man” will let you do just that and so much more. For example, you can adjust the field of view, add filters, adjust the aperture and even change the color grading. Oh, and you can take Spidey selfies while you’re in mid-air, complete with the classic peace sign. You’re not sold yet?

Video game Video games combine all forms of media, from music, to visual arts, and of course, programming. Anton Porsche/Pixabay

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