What To Eat To Lose More Weight During The Lockdown


Finding some difficulty in losing some weight while you’re on lockdown? Here’s what to do and what to eat.

What To Eat To Lose Weight While On Lockdown

Earlier this year, an unprecedented virus outbreak pushed governments from all over the world to issue a nationwide lockdown in order to help slow down the spread and keep everyone safe.

Since then, gyms have been closed and people have been asked to stay inside their homes for the time being, as well as to observe physical distancing from others.

For many people who are following fitness plans, this may sound like a disaster. Thankfully, there’s still a lot you can do (and eat) while at home.

For example, you can make your grocery trips count more by choosing healthier food that is sure to help you shed a few pounds. What’s even better is that while on lockdown, people who want to lose weight don’t need to follow restrictive eating plans. In fact, eating more colorful foods such as fruits and vegetables (and ESPECIALLY fruits and vegetables) can help keep your body in tip-top shape while also helping you lose weight better since most of them have fiber, which is known to help your digestion while also helping you feel fuller for longer.

“Eat. Food heals, nourishes and nurtures our bodies and our minds. It brings us together, connecting us to ourselves and the world around us. Color on your plate is always a good start to eating to feel good,” Jessie Pavelka, a fitness expert in the U.K., said.

As for what to do, you don’t need to follow any specific routine because the general idea is to make sure that you’re moving each day. You can do this by doing simple exercises in your house, such as cardio and some simple strength training.

But exercising also needs motivation, and with the free time that we have, it’s good to slow down and think why we are doing this then remind ourselves why we are making these healthier choices.

“It’s like your choice of meals; we all have a general idea on what we need to eat to be healthy, but the question is why do we make those choices? Motivation starts with awareness,” Pavelka added.

weight loss Obesity may occur because of genetics, family history, environment and medical conditions, among other reasons that affect body weight. Pixabay

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