Adjusting to Medical School 101

Adjusting from college to medical school is not as straightforward and easy as one may expect. Here are 4 tips to make the transition painless. Learn from my mistakes!

1. Question your current methods
“Don’t believe everything you think”. Growth, improvement, and progress require constantly challenging your current mode of operating. This is absolutely true for the transition from pre-med to medical student.
– Study habits need to be reassessed. I made a video on Pre-Med Study Strategies that I Wish I Knew Sooner:
– Know how to wake up on time and consistently to maximize your rest and productivity:
– Have a routine for exercise that allows you to regularly exercise and maintain healthy habits when you’re busy:

2. Prepare for the Marathon. Medical School is NOT a Sprint
Prioritize self-care and healthy habits in your life. Skipping meals, eating convenient but unhealthy foods, skipping workouts, etc. These are all things that may work in the short term, but long term you will crash and burn.

Additionally, take the marathon approach to studying as well. Studying a little bit every day is far more effective than trying to cram all your studies in the few days before an exam. This isn’t college, and this isn’t going to work anymore. If you need help with memorization tips, this video has you covered:

3. Reassess your Priorities
You cannot do it all in medical school. Now is the time to pick and choose how you spend your time wisely. A few hobbies, a few sports. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Studying should be a top priority, but physical exercise and socializing are key to maintaining balance, happiness, and endurance. Here are some tips on maximizing your productivity and efficiency:

4. Embrace your Classmates and Community
There is a cultural shift that occurs in medical school, where everyone is in the same position as you. You all are studying for the same tests, working toward the same degree, and are ultimately all in this together.

Support each other and offer a helping hand when you notice someone struggling. Similarly, don’t be afraid to reach out to others. It’s not weakness. It’s human. Med school is a trying time.

Thanks for watching, I wish you the best in your medical school endeavors! By following the tips and practices on this channel and our website, you’ll be well equipped to crush medical school and ultimately enjoy it!


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