Casper Changed AGAIN | What You Need to Know 2023 Medical School Application

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With another application cycle comes even more changes to the Casper test and its corresponding elements. Last year, Casper added a video section to the test as well as two new components—Snapshot and Duet. This year the company is changing things up yet again. Here are all of the changes you need to be aware of and what these changes will mean for you.

The Casper exam format has changed, this year, the number has decreased to fourteen scenarios instead of the previous fifteen, consisting of five word-based scenarios and nine video-based scenarios. The exam is also slightly shorter, lasting 90-110 minutes. This year, instead of taking the typed section first, followed by the video portion, Casper has switched the two. The breaks have also changed, and the 10-minute break now comes after the video section and before the typed section. There is also a five-minute break halfway into the typed section. Another change for this year is the price of Casper.

You can take a deep breath knowing that you don’t need to worry about preparing for a Snapshot interview this year. No schools will require this component for the 2023-2024 cycle. The main difference you need to be aware of is that the video portion of Casper will occur first before the typed section. Older review materials may still say that there are three questions for each scenario in the video portion of Casper, but there are now only two. There are still three questions per scenario in the typed section of the test.

The test is composed of 14 scenarios, some video-based and some word-based. The test is divided into two response sections, a video response section (six scenarios) and a typed response section (eight scenarios). Each scenario is followed by 2 open-ended questions in the video section and 3 open-ended questions in the typed section of the test. The first section is for your video responses. You will be presented with four video-based scenarios and two word-based scenarios in random order.

Just because you can’t study for Casper doesn’t mean you can’t prepare. The Casper test is a unique and fast-paced experience, which means the more familiar with the format you are, the better you will perform. Don’t think you can ride on your interview skills and moral compass alone. Familiarize yourself with the format of the Casper test for the current year you’re taking it!

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