Cost of Medical School | How to Save $250,000 #SHORTS

Medical school can be ridiculously expensive, and the average medical student graduates with around $240,000 in student loans. Most of these loans come from medical school tuition, which is about $55,000 a year. With such high costs, how can you find the funding to cover your education?

The first source of funding is through you and your family’s savings. However, this doesn’t apply to everyone, and it certainly won’t be the main source of funding.

The second source is student loans. There are three categories of loans: federal, school, and private. Federal and school loans have more favorable terms than private loans, and you should always choose federal or school loans first. However, your financial aid will depend on multiple factors like your family’s finances and what your school has to offer.

The third source is scholarships and grants. Most schools have a list of annual scholarships and grants, many of which you may be eligible for. You might also find additional grants and scholarships online. And lastly, if you’re accepted to multiple schools, contact your admissions office and ask them about any extra scholarships, which might incentivize you to choose them.

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COST of MEDICAL SCHOOL | How to SAVE $250,000:

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