Dr. Juliana Kling – New guidelines for non-hormonal treatment of hot flashes due to menopause

New guidelines around the use of nonhormonal therapy for hot flashes — or vasomotor symptoms— due to menopause have been released by the North American Menopause Society.

Dr. Juliana Kling, a women’s health specialist at Mayo Clinic and one of the authors of the new guidelines, says, “The new guidelines include a review of the newest (Food and Drug Administration) FDA-approved medications as well as other medications and other treatments, like clinical hypnosis, cognitive behavioral therapy, discussion of supplements, and over-the-counter treatments that are either helpful or not helpful for treating hot flashes and night sweats.”

Hormone therapy remains the most effective treatment to help with the discomfort of hot flashes. However, not all women are good candidates for hormone therapy and may seek other alternatives, such as integrative medicine.

“This position statement looks at that data and demonstrates that cognitive behavioral therapy and clinical hypnosis can help treat hot flashes and night sweats,” says Dr. Kling.
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