How to Get Into Medical School | 6 Reasons for Rejection

How to Get Into Medical School: Medical school is becoming more and more competitive each year – recent data shows that less than 40% of pre-med applicants get accepted into med school each year. There is no perfect way to select applicants who would be great medical students and physicians. Therefore programs operate with incomplete information about applicants and their potential to success in medical school and afterwards as doctors. Here are 6 common reasons premeds are rejected during med school application season. These are common pitfalls applicants make every cycle. If you address all 6, you’ll be in a good spot during your application cycle.

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1. Low MCAT

2. Low GPA with decreasing trend

3. Weak personal statements or secondaries

4. Weak letters of recommendation

5. Lack of extracurriculars

6. Fumbling the Interview Day

Data on med school acceptance rates:


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