Most Effective Way to IMPROVE MEMORY (& Memorize ANYTHING)

Inefficiencies in memorization and learning are one of the easiest ways students can improve their performance and efficiency. Unless you’re gifted with powerful photographic memory, then you understand the struggle of 1) not remembering everything you should and 2) spending way too much time to memorize information, only to forget it later. Here’s how you can boost your memory, memorize more facts, and spend less time doing it.

0:40 Imperfect Memory and Memory Science
3:14 How to Implement the Spacing Effect
4:58 When Should I Use Anki?
6:35 How to Use Anki
6:43 Review Strategically
8:12 Practice Every Single Day
8:38 Avoid Getting Behind on Cards Due
9:07 Don’t Make Too Many Cards
9:48 Be Honest with Recall vs Recognition

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How to Use Anki Pt 1:
Memorization (Memory Palace and Mnemonics):
Super Human Efficiency and Productivity:


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