So You Want to Be a GENERAL SURGEON [Ep. 29]

So you want to be a general surgeon. You like the idea of being the generalist of the operating room, having the knowledge and skills for a wide range of surgical interventions. Or maybe it’s just a stepping stone for you to get to the subspecialization you’re after. Let’s debunk the public perception myths, and give it to you straight. This is the reality of general surgery.

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00:00 Introduction
00:49 What is General Surgery?
2:58 How to Become a General Surgeon
05:03 Subspecialties within General Surgery
6:18 Trauma & Critical Care Surgery
7:08 Pediatric Surgery
7:45 Breast Surgery
08:03 Vascular Surgery
08:19 Endocrine Surgery
08:39 Transplant Surgery
09:13 Surgical Oncology
09:33 Minimally Invasive Surgery
10:01 What You’ll Love About General Surgery
10:43 What You Won’t Love About General Surgery
11:22 Should You Become a General Surgeon?

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