New solutions for automated PCR and qPCR – Analytik Jena presents Biometra TRobot II and qTOWER³ auto

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Leading PCR and qPCR technology now available for high-throughput applications: With the Biometra TRobot II and qTOWER³ auto, Analytik Jena presents two new thermal cyclers for fully automated PCR and qPCR applications. Both systems follow a modular approach and are designed as open systems. Both devices are particularly robust and were developed for unattended continuous operation. Customers of the qTOWER³ auto and Biometra TRobot II thus considerably increase their sample throughput, the reproducibility of their analyses and their PCR and qPCR result quality.

New solutions for automated PCR and qPCR – Analytik Jena presents Biometra TRobot II and qTOWER³ auto

qTOWER³ auto on Bench

The qTOWER³ auto is a qPCR thermal cycler for fully automated qPCR applications. The instrument brings the advantages of Analytik Jena’s leading qPCR technology with patented fiber optics to the world of fully automated high-throughput applications. The integration strategy of qTOWER³ auto allows the system to be easily expanded to up to four instruments. Thanks to its modular design, the instrument is highly adaptable to changing application requirements – color modules, for example, can be easily exchanged or retrofitted for multiplexing. For error-free qPCR operation, the qTOWER³ auto is equipped with unique safety features such as the motorized plate lift system or the labware recognition function.

The Biometra TRobot II is Analytik Jena’s answer to the growing demand for automated PCR. The PCR cycler has outstanding heating and cooling rates and excellent temperature homogeneity across the sample block for highly reproducible PCR results. The patent-pending plate lift and lid technology ensures optimal functionality on robotic platforms and contributes significantly to high process reliability. The small footprint of the PCR module helps to save valuable space on the robot setup.

The Biometra TRobot II and qTOWER³ auto are intended for molecular biology laboratories that are faced with a growing number of samples and want to improve the quality and throughput of their analyses by means of automation.

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