3 Weight Loss Exercises Recommended By Fitness Trainers


Exercising is essential to losing weight, boosting metabolism and burning calories. However, you have to ensure that you follow effective exercise routines that help you achieve this goal. Just about any exercise does not work when trying to reach your target weight, despite the fact that all physical activity increases heart rate. 

Exercise in any form not only helps with weight loss, but is also useful to improve mood and produce endorphins, which is why it is always highly recommended. However, it is important to note that the duration of exercise does not necessarily have an impact on weight loss. 

Rest and repair are equally important to prevent fatigue and injury from over exercising. Protein helps with rebuilding muscles after a workout, particularly after strength training. Gyms and trainers always tout their programs to be the best. The umpteen number of exercise programs out there may be confusing to choose from as every option seems better than the other. But how is it really possible to know in advance if a workout is going to benefit us?  

For people feeling trapped doing the same thing over and over again to no avail, they need to find the right combination of exercises that works all the right muscles. Here are three key exercises to usher weight loss. 

Cardio Exercises

You can do cardio exercises either in intervals or at a steadfast pace. It depends on what works for your body type, flexibility and stamina. If you want to take an interval to recover between intense bursts of cardio exercises such as running, cycling and jogging, you can try walking for a minute or two at a slower pace. 

If you want to continuously run and cycle at a steady pace, you can burn calories to improve your heart rate and endurance levels. Research shows that high intensity workouts are more useful for people trying to shed weight than steady, slower-paced cardio.  

Strength Training

The reason strength training is an effective way to lose weight is because muscle mass burns calories even while being sedentary, thus greatly helping your metabolism. You can use dumbbells and other weight lifting equipment to increase muscle mass. You can also use body weight to work out.

Compound Training

This type of workout is a combination of cardio and strength training. It targets various muscle groups, hence this is said to be the best way to lose weight. 

“It is so important to mix in both weights and cardio interval training if you want to change your body composition, improve muscle mass and tone up the supporting muscles. This goes hand in hand with building bone density and strengthening your cardiovascular system,” Brooke Taylor, a certified personal trainer, said. 

gym Strength training, cardio exercises and compound training are the three best exercises to lose weight. Photo courtesy of PIxabay

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