COVID-19 Hospitality: How US Hotels Serve Guests In This Pandemic?


The hotels in the United States have begun offering housekeeping services on request as they open again amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. While the service delivery still focuses on quality, the approach has undergone a huge change because of the precautionary measures to be taken to stay safe.

Are you wearing a face mask? Have you put on the gloves? Are you sanitized? Even if you are/have, the hotels will provide you their amenity kits to make sure the moment you are in, you are clean and free from external harmful viruses and bacteria. You can no more check in to a hotel as you did during pre-Coronavirus times. In the lobby, there are hotel staff members to ensure you are fit and fine to enter inside, depending on their parameters. Apart from personal hygiene, the temperature, too, is checked before handing over the room keys to you. Unless you record a normal temperature, you cannot be ensured of a green signal to check-in to the hotel room.

The American Hotel & Lodging Association came up with some COVID-19 guidelines in May to ensure a “safe stay” to whoever checked-in to the hotel rooms. Besides the guidelines, individual hotel chains have decided on their own safety measures as per their specific requirements and have made sure the guests remain safe from coronavirus infection while ensuring safety to the overall surroundings.

Housekeeping, which remained a must-have for the hospitality sector, is now an on-request facility. The staff members come to clean your room only when requested and not at regular intervals as it used to be before the COVID-19 attack.

“In alignment with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for social distancing, housekeeping will not be provided for guest stays of more than one night. Trash removal and towel refresh will be provided upon request only,” the message that appears during express check-in on a kiosk at Caesars.

If you are planning to have a safe hotel stay, you may also be prepared to get no parking for your cars as valet parking remains suspended at most of the hotels at the moment. Self-parking is the only option. With America being one of the most affected nations of the world in the COVID-19 pandemic, taking strict safety and social distancing measures is a must to minimize the spread of the infection as much as possible.

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