Is The Beyond Diet Effective For Weight Loss ?


The Beyond Diet is an online dietary program recommending recipes and meals for people to follow with the help of a community focusing on the same goal. Enrolment costs $47 for a whole year, during which dieters aim to not stray off the path and fall back into old habits. 

The Beyond Diet is comprised primarily of fruits and vegetables, along with protein. Nuts, seeds and cooking oils can be added to the mix in moderation. After four weeks, the diet permits poultry products and whole grains according to the principles of the diet. 

The first phase of the diet is a cleanse of unhealthy food and the complete omittance of whole foods, while following meal plans according to the diet’s timeline. There is an online test that is taken after this to ascertain an individual’s metabolic type indicating the amount of carbs, protein, and fat that is appropriate to be consumed. 

Once this is completed, you can move onto phase two, where the recipes include organic food, barring sugar, fats and carbs. The meals generally have grass-fed meat, free-range chicken, whole grains, vegetables and fruits. One cheat meal per week is allowed for people to indulge themselves with all the ingredients they want. 

After following the dietary plan for 28 days, people are then encouraged to use the advice nutritionist Isabel De Los Rios gives in her book to come up with individual meals as per their tastes.


The active support from this community from people going through relatable specific hurdles makes it easier to emotionally comply with the guidelines. Eliminating sugar from the diet is a positive achievement for anyone as sugar intake comes with a host of diseases. 


However, whole wheat products are strongly discouraged on the diet leading to not eating enough vitamin B and rich fiber, both essential to a balanced diet. This diet may also pose challenges in the long-term as it restricts the intake of bread and pasta. After the first four weeks of the diet, you can eat bread, albeit sprouted whole grain bread, which is prohibitive and not easy to consume indefinitely. An integral part of the diet is green drink powder, for which people have to spend $3 per day, causing a financial strain. 

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