Nurse Fakes Coronavirus Symptoms, Tests Positive For COVID-19


Per a new report, a nurse from Canada reportedly had to fake having the coronavirus just so she can get tested. Unfortunately, her results came back positive.

After Faking Coronavirus To Get Tested, Canadian Nurse’s Results Came Back Positive

According to Kristy-Lyn Kemp, she reportedly called a hotline in Quebec Sunday in order to get a coronavirus test. To her dismay, however, she was turned away, even after explaining that she herself works at a care home that is currently undergoing a coronavirus outbreak.

“I told them I was coming from a COVID-positive environment, but I was completely asymptomatic. They told me I didn’t need a test,” she said in an interview.

Not one to give up easily (and equally baffled), she called again and put on a fake French accent this time so they wouldn’t find out it’s her calling again.

“I made up symptoms. I said I had a fever and a cough. And that’s when they gave me an appointment,” Kemp said.

Thankfully, she was given a test this time. After 24 hours, her results came back. She is positive with the coronavirus.

“Had I brought it to the new place, I don’t know what I would have done. I would have been absolutely devastated,” Kemp, who mentioned that she wanted to get tested since the care home she is currently working for is going through a COVID-19 outbreak as well, said.

Per reports, at least 33 residents living in the CHSLD Résidence Herron already died from COVID-19 complications. As such, the facility is now the subject of at least three separate inquiries, one of which is from the Montreal police, which is conducting a criminal investigation in the facility.

As for why Kemp got refused the first time, she had no idea. This is because, according to a spokesman from the Ministry of Health, symptomatic health professionals are a priority when it comes to testing. Additionally, staffers at the CHSLD Résidence Herron are required to get tested, with or without any symptoms. As such, Kemp doesn’t know why she was left on her own.

“The consequences could have been catastrophic,” Kemp, who will now need to wait for two negative COVID-19 tests before working again, said.

Coronavirus & COVID-19 An artist’s representation of the novel coronavirus that causes the COVID-19 disease. Pixabay

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