Video Games That Forever Changed The Gaming Industry


Here are some of the best video games that have forever changed the industry around it, both past and present.

Top Video Games That Forever Changed The Gaming Industry

While they’ve been around for decades, only a few video games have managed to really stand the test of time and change the industry around them forever. Sure, a large chunk of them are great and memorable, but only a few have managed to become the revolutionary pieces of work that they are considered as today, forever inspiring the hearts of every person that has ever played them.

So without any further ado, here are some of them, arranged from past to present:

Pong (1975)

Two players, one “ball.” Highest goals win. It can’t be much simpler than that, yet that same idea fueled “Pong” and, by default, its developer Atari to incredible heights during a time when video games are basically unheard of. In fact, “Pong” itself is responsible for jump-starting the video game industry we know of today.

Resident Evil (1996) and Resident Evil 4 (2005)

Two different titles from the same franchise. Developed by Capcom, the first title in the series released decades ago introduced the world to the thrill of survival horror games, while the franchise’s fourth entry introduced the third-person shooting mechanics that all shooting games use nowadays. In fact, “Resident Evil 4” became so popular that it keeps getting re-mastered in newer consoles, such as Xbox One and the PS4.

Final Fantasy VII ( 1997)

Although Square Enix already released the HD remake, the original FFVII remains as one of video gaming’s most important games, touching on heavy matters such as death and the thin line of morality. It also helped introduce a lot of RPG mechanics that following games have adapted and made their own.

Bioshock (2007)

A game that’s basically made to point out the flaws in Ayn Rand’s philosophy, the game introduced a morality system where players are given a choice whether they can “save” or “harvest” characters from the game. The game also combined first-person shooting with non-linearity in the approach to enemies, allowing for more experimentation, all the while giving a very in-depth storyline that explored morality, capitalism and modern-day philosophies. It’s also set in the ruins of an underground city, so there you go.

The Last Of Us (2013)

At its core, TLOU’s story is simple and straightforward. The execution, however, is one of the game’s best assets since it essentially tells a story of love and survival via two characters that are navigating a world ravaged by a viral outbreak, taking players in a highly-gripping and emotional roller coaster.

Video game Video games combine all forms of media, from music, to visual arts, and of course, programming. Anton Porsche/Pixabay

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